Looking after the world around us is something that we take very seriously both as a brand and as a part of the wider ITW Global organisation.

Every day we are working hard towards making long-lasting changes to our business practices to ensure we are doing all that we can to protect our environment for future generations.

Here are just some of the areas where we are making continuous improvements to our business and the way in which we work.

Responsible Sourcing

ITW focus efforts on sourcing more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for our products. Each year, we increase the volume of recycled materials used in our operations where we can.

We rate and audit our suppliers to evaluate their long-term viability, and in turn their ability to support our businesses sustainably going forward. These audits provide visibility into supplier operations while helping to support our own responsible sourcing efforts.

Within the ITW supply chain, approximately 45% of global third-party spend is with suppliers who are near the facilities they serve, to assist in reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, approximately 85% of our steel is derived primarily from scrap metal.

Sustainable Products

ITW develop new products and solutions through Customer-Back Innovation. Our customers are often challenged with environmental issues, including those related to climate change risk management, such as how to reduce energy use or emissions.

Working with our customers, we aim to address these challenges through the development of new and existing products.

In delivering customer-driven solutions, the life cycle and durability of a product is a key consideration.

Moving forward, the Paslode team will be carrying out assessments which will be able to provide the overall cradle to gate emissions for our products.

Keeping Paslode Products in use for longer

ITW consider the long-term product needs of customers and conduct appropriate DFMEA (Design failure mode and effect analysis) and Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis to enhance product safety, reliability, and durability.

Paslode products are designed to have a long life cycle, and we are proud of the durability and reliability of our product offerings.

We provide training to users to ensure the products are being used safely, correctly and to ensure a longer life span of the product.

We are also extremely proud to offer an after-sales repair service, ensuring that all Paslode tools remain in action for longer. This repair service is available for up to 6 years after the product has been discontinued from the range. Paslode are proud that our tools are not a disposable commodity.

Paslode are proud that our tools are not a disposable commodity.

Sustainable Packaging

ITW are investing in resources to identify ways to reduce packaging overall, while still protecting our product throughout the delivery process. In turn this helps our customers identify ways to incorporate recycled materials into their manufacturing processes.

The majority of our Nail FuelPack (NFP) boxes are manufactured from over 50% recycled cardboard and are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved.

The majority of Paslode’s cardboard usage is derived from recycled sources.

On top of that our NFP handles are now made of 100% recycled material, and we have also removed a black plastic strap from our nail packs, resulting in a 50% plastic reduction per pack. Our iconic  orange tool cases are also 100% recyclable.

Future plans for Paslode packaging include digitalising of our tool manuals and further research into our nail strip paper and sustainable ink options for our packaging.

Carbon Emissions & Efficiencies

By 2030, ITW aim to reduce combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions per U.S. dollar of operating revenue by 40 percent below 2017 levels. Our strategy to achieve this target includes:

1. Reducing energy consumption and improving operational efficiency in our manufacturing and ITW-owned facilities, implemented in accordance with our division-led environmental management systems.

2. Expanding our purchase of energy from renewable sources, including wind and solar, across our global footprint where possible.

We are pleased to have achieved a 37% GHG emissions intensity reduction through 2021, compared with our 2017 baseline year, based on our third-party verified data.

We periodically review our supply networks to identify
the most efficient logistics routes, methods, and warehousing strategies. With the help of this data, we are able to optimise distribution and storage patterns, resulting in improved freight routes, less packaging waste and reduced carbon emissions and environmental impact.

The electricity in our main Paslode European nail factory is powered by 100% renewable energy from the windmills around the local area in Denmark. Our nail manufacturing plant in Burgos, Spain is also in the process of replacing the current gas boiler heating system with one powered by biomass energy, fuelled by wood collected during the clearing of forests in the local Castile and Leon regions.

Other ITW Construction Products factories in Europe are investing in sustainable energy sources such as solar panelling.

Entering the Digital age

We have made many changes in the past few years towards functioning in a more digital landscape which has a positive impact on our environment.

Most of our communications are now carried out digitally, via our social media channels or website, or via email for communications to our dealer network. If you have opened one of our orange tool cases recently you will notice we no longer supply a physical warranty card – your tool can be registered directly via our website – and we have also stopped producing our Paslode tool training cards in favour of a digitalised version.

We have also cut down on the amount of product literature that we produce, opting for directing our customers towards our web site, YouTube channels and various other social media platforms, via the use of QR codes and clickable digital links.



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