Paslode provide the lightest and best-balanced finishing tools on the market, allowing you to manoeuvre into tight spaces and work fatigue-free for longer. Each tool has been designed with the user in mind, with features including an optimum nose design which allows for an improved line of sight for when accuracy is extra important.

In addition, all three tools fire using a low 30 joules of power which provides a flush finish in both soft woods and dense MDF. This reduces material damage, splitting and blowout. Our standards Paslode Lithium battery is compatible with the tools, which provides up to 10,000 shots per single 90-minute charge.

So which Paslode finishing tool is the right one for you? Here’s our handy guide to the range.

The IM65 Lithium – For Precision

Compact, quick and durable, the IM65 finish nailer fires 16 gauge straight brads, available in 16–63mm lengths. It is the perfect choice for a precise performance thanks to the ergonomic design and shorter brad lengths.

“The range of brad sizes, depth gauge adjustment and amazing power and efficiency!”

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The biggest bonus of the IM65 tool is that it takes a wider range of brad lengths to suit a variety of applications, making it the perfect all-round finishing tool. Brads come in an electrogalv or stainless steel finish, giving you the option of outdoor use.

The IM65A Lithium – For Tight Spaces

Designed for working in hard to reach spaces, the IM65A is easy to manoeuvre with an exceptional line of sight, allowing you to see exactly where you are firing. Brads come in lengths 32 – 64mm and are also available in both electrogalv and stainless steel finishes.

“Angled guns just make life easier when getting into tight spaces/corners etc”

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Thanks to its distinctive angled magazine, the IM65A is designed to provide a precise finish when working in corners and tight spaces.

Both tools are perfect for Architraves, Skirting boards, Tongue and groove panelling, Door stops, Stair rails, Window casing, Dado rails and Beading

The IM50 Lithium – For Intricacy

If you are a carpenter or joiner working on secret nailing applications, then the IM50 is the tool for you. The tool comes into its own when a neat finish is a must. Projects like cabinet and furniture work, beading and shopfitting all suit the tool. The 18 gauge brads come in lengths from 16 to 50mm for the finest in fine finishing.

“The IM50 has a great fine finish, precise and perfect for when aesthetics matter.

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The IM50 provides an excellent and discreet finishing, guaranteeing a seamless fix without the extra time and cost of re-touching work.

The ‘go-to’ tool for Skirting boards, Cabinet work, Furniture trim, Glazing bead, Exhibition & display work, Shopfitting & remodelling, Beading, Panelling and Secret nailing

So, which one is perfect for you?

Alongside the tool, we offer a full range of compatible premium brads. Paslode brads are manufactured under strict quality control systems to ensure the highest quality standards are always maintained. With a wide range of lengths and two finishes, you’ll find the perfect fixing for any finishing application.

Each finishing tool has it’s own unique, stand-out features, providing you with the perfect partner, whatever your finishing needs.

Find out more about the Paslode finishing range by visiting our Finishing Nailers page.