Paslode are proud to announce the launch of the next generation of framing and positive placement nailers in the shape of the 360Xi and PPNXi.

The Xi nailers are lighter and perfectly balanced to guarantee a great performance for multiple applications in all weather conditions. These tools have been designed with our tradespeople in mind to ensure that they can continue to run all day, every day, no matter the challenge.

With the Paslode Xi range nailers we aim to make down time a thing of the past. With this in mind we have designed lighter tools, incorporated a quick release magazine and re-engineered the grip to ensure our tools are able to perform at greater flexibility than ever before – perfect for those who appreciate the value of productivity.

The Xi nailers continue to boast unbeatable power to weight ratio and, along with a new battery position, these enhance efficiency to promote all day productivity. Our high performing lithium battery and weather proof fuel cells will deliver a great performance that will last.

We put our tradespeople at the forefront of everything we do.

This is why we rigorously test our tools with tradespeople across the globe to ensure we make products that never compromise on quality. We have tested them with a selection of carpenters and roofers across the UK ensuring that they meet all the challenges and demands that our end-users face each day.

The primary goal of our product testing is to make our tradespeople’s lives as easy as possible. This means developing products that give the end user the confidence to perform to the highest level. We understand our end users need tools and fasteners which they can rely on, ensuring that you can build better with the new Paslode Xi range nailers by your side.

The 360Xi and PPNXi are made for those who never stop building.

For more information click here, or take a look at our Paslode Xi Advert on our YouTube channel.