Stockade, a sister company of Paslode under the ITW Construction Products umbrella, are proud to introduce the ST400i cordless fence post stapler to the UK market.

The ST400i stapler capitalises on the innovative technology associated with Paslode nailing tools. For over 15 years engineers working on Paslode tools in New Zealand have worked in conjunction with professional fencing contractors to develop a robust reliable tool that would be trusted in the field. They drew on the expert knowledge of engineers, farmers and fence contractors, to create a new era of fence stapling tools.

More about the ST400i tool

The ST400i drives 4mm diameter barbed post staples reliably and consistently, allowing for more efficient fence maintenance, whilst delivering productivity gains for farmers and fencing contractors. Stockade barbed staples are available in both 40mm and 50mm in length and last up to 6 times longer than standard galvanised staples, with a divergent point for extra holding power.

The tool is perfect for a host of agricultural fencing construction and maintenance applications including livestock, predator control and highway boundary fencing.

ST400i Tool Features

The tool’s advanced fuel injection system delivers optimal fuel dose every time, delivering outstanding power, driving 2 staples per second. The sequential trigger system provides an accurate staple placement and improved operator safety so you can work with speed and confidence.

The ST400i driver blade is engineered to support the staple and reduce damage to the staple crown, and adjustable depth of drive provides ultimate flexibility to drive fence post staples to your desired depth. Finally, there’s no need for a compressor with this tool, as it is powered by fuel cells (included with the staples) and Li-ion batteries (3000 fencing post staples per charge).

Overall, the Stockade ST400i provides a trusted stapling system that delivers results time after time and stands up to the elements, extreme heat, cold and wind. It’s what makes the Stockade brand strong, reliable, and best in class.

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