Your favourite Paslode tools are now available to view from every angle EXCLUSIVELY on the Paslode website!

Our new rotating tool images allow you to experience our tools in all their 3D glory, manoeuvring them to provide visibility from every angle and making it easier to see the unique features of each of the tools. Check them out on the relevant product pages.

Here’s a reminder of the tools you can now see in amazing 360-degree clarity!

360Xi – The Ultimate

The 360Xi framing nailer is light and perfectly balanced to guarantee great performance for multiple applications. A high-performing lithium battery and a weatherproof fuel cell ensure the tool will run all day, every day no matter the challenge.

The tool boasts a re-engineered grip and new battery position, ensuring extra comfort and convenience which reduces fatigue, guaranteeing all-day productivity.

The ideal tool for Carpenters, Roofers or General Builders working on New Build projects such as large housing developments.

IM65 – The Professional

With an optimised nose design and clear line of sight, the IM65 straight brand nailer is a compact, quick, and durable straight finish nailer, with a no-mar tip to enable precise fixing.

The IM65 fires a wide range of brads from sizes 16 – 63mm in Electro Galv and Stainless Steel finishes. The ideal choice for carpenters or joiners working on both new build and renovation projects.

IM65A – The Angled Professional

While the IM65 brings you a compact, quick fix, IM65A angled finishing tool is designed specifically for precision when working in corners and tight spaces, thanks to its distinctive angled magazine.

Our angled brads come in Electro Galv and Stainless Steel finishes and in lengths from 32 to 63mm.

IM50 – The Detailer

The IM50 finishing brad nailer is perfect for intricate detail applications, producing seamless fixes without the extra time of re-finishing work. The thinner 18-gauge brads lend themselves perfectly for discreet fine finish nailing.

The tool is designed with secret nailing applications in mind, such as cabinet and furniture work, beading and shopfitting. It is perfect for when you need a SUPER CLEAN 2nd fix finish.

IM45 – The Dynamic

The Paslode IM45GN coil nailer fires a diverse range of nails, suiting many different applications including metal roofing and cladding.

The tool’s unique delivery system is in a class of its own with less force needed to drive nails when compared to hand nailing. The tool saves you time and materials too – with a capacity of 125 nails per coil and a no debris nail collation giving a clean flush finish.

The tool is perfect for Metal Roofers working on residential and commercial projects. It’s also suitable for Carpenters working on cladding applications.

PPNXi – The Fastest

The PPNXi is the first positive placement nailer on the market, providing an efficient and safe way of installing hangers, brackets and straps.

The innovative nose probe self-locates, allowing pinpoint accuracy to deliver a hardened twist nail in the precise required location.

It’s the must-have tool for carpenters and roofers working on-site on both new build and renovation projects, fixing metal work connectors into wood.