As we head into the summer months and the sun begins to make a welcome appearance, we start to turn our attention to the outside areas of our homes.

In recent years, since we were forced to spend longer amounts of time in our own environments, a natural trend has been to upgrade our gardens to make them a special place to enjoy in the warmer months with family and friends.

So where do you turn first for a garden revamp? Let’s take a look at the areas you might want to spruce up and how Paslode can help you get the job done.

Fencing – Around the border

The quickest way to freshen up your outdoor space is by replacing the fencing, which may have taken some battering during the winter months. There’s a plethora of options to choose from and Paslode are on hand to help with your fixing requirements.

Feather edge fencing is a traditional style of garden fencing, often chosen for privacy thanks to the overlapping panel style. This type of fencing is perfect for housing developments and where gardens are close together. The Paslode 360Xi nailer is ideal for fixing feather edge fencing, using our 51mm stainless steel A2 nails.

With trellis fencing, you can take advantage of the sunlight in your garden, which makes it perfect for growing trailing plants and flowers. Use the IM45 GN coil nailer to fix trellis fencing using 32mm and 35mm stainless steel nails.

For a modern, contemporary look why not try slatted fencing, which can be used for sectioning off areas of your garden in a stylish way? Here you can also use the IM45 tool with the nails mentioned previously, as well as our IM65 or IM65A finishing tools using our 51-63mm stainless steel brads.

Sheds – From the bottom up

Sheds and garden rooms have grown hugely in popularity as more of us are now working from home and spending an increased amount of time in our spaces.

The Paslode 360Xi tool is perfect for building your shed from the ground up:

    If you need to include insulation or breathable membrane in your build the IM200 stapler is perfect for fixing this using 19mm or 25mm staples.

    Decking – Built on good foundations

    Decking can really elevate a seating area in your outdoor space and remains a popular choice for UK gardens. For your decking to last a good, solid subframe is crucial.

    The Paslode framing tools (both the 360Xi and IM350+) can be used to build the structure of the subframe using 75mm or 90mm nails. Where Paslode tools can really make a difference here is in the fixing of metalwork like mini hangers, clips and nail plates, our PPNXi is perfect for this.

    And for fixing timber decking boards, step forward Paslode’s sister brand NKT with their Deck Pro tool and 60 x 4.5mm Deck Pro screws.

    Cladding – Those extra details

    Finally, there are those finishing touches, whether that is to your garden exterior or your home itself. Timber and composite cladding can completely transform the look of your external space allowing you to add style and colour.

    Whether fixing timber or composite cladding, consider using the 360Xi or IM350+ tool with 51mm stainless steel nails. You can also use the IM45 GN coil nailer with compatible 35mm stainless steel nails – in fact, our IM45 tool has been specified by James Hardie to be used on their Hardie Plank and VL Board.

    The summer months are all too fleeting so getting your garden project completed in super quick time is essential. Paslode offer you a quality fix whilst saving time, giving you plenty of time for that cold beer in your garden at the end of a long, hard day.