Due to popular demand, and as a result of end user feedback, we introduced fuel-free brad packs!

Achieving the highest on-site standards

It’s not uncommon to see several different trim tools in use on site, each firing different brads with varying levels of fix quality. On-site inconsistencies can, however, become problematic. In housebuilding it is crucial that standards are met for optimum build quality, so it makes sense to consistently use the best performing, best quality products.

Paslode quality, whatever your tool

Paslode have a reputation for producing high-quality, durable products, and the brad packs are no exception, with the added advantage that they have been manufactured to be compatible with all 2nd fix tools available on the market today.

Carefully manufactured, Paslode brads are suitable for use with ANY 2nd fix tool, including the battery-powered trim tools produced by brands such as Dewalt and Hikoki, to name just a couple. It is now easier than ever for all 2nd fix tool users to benefit from Paslode quality.

A brad for every application

A range of brad lengths and collations are available, ensuring that no matter what type of brad nail is required, Paslode can deliver. Offering four angled and four straight sizes, Paslode brads are suited to complete a wide range of applications, from skirting boards and architraves to door stops and window casing.

These brad packs make it possible to achieve a quality, long-lasting finish to projects of any size. Trim work can now be completed with total peace of mind that you can achieve the best possible quality and fix, whichever 2nd fix tool you chose to use.

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