Paslode have been building on their successful partnership with James Hardie at sites up and down the country, using the IM45 GN coil nailing tool to fix James Hardie VL and Hardieplank cladding on both new build and renovation properties.

Recently, the Paslode team joined Gwinett Roofing on a couple of sites in the North of England and the Midlands, where they have been carrying our loft conversions. Prior to discovering the IM45 GN the team were using a screwing method, which was making the task lengthy and laborious.

The Gwinett Roofing team were encouraged to try the IM45 GN by the James Hardie team, as a time and labour-saving solution for fixing both their Hardie Plank and VL Plank products. They had experience of using Paslode tools on previous roofing projects and were keen to give this alternative method a go. The IM45 GN tools were used with the James Hardie specified 2.5 x 35mm coil nail.


The team were immediately impressed with the speed of the tool and how easy it is to use, as well as how lightweight it was. The real benefit however was in the finish itself, where the material savings and fix advantages spoke for themselves.

Using the IM45 GN, Gwinnett Roofing were able to get the fibre cement cladding fixed swiftly and cleanly. They noticed that the cladding sat much better over the nail head than it does with a screw, with the nail sitting much more flush and not protruding and the following boards fit on easily without the need for any additional hammering over the top The team also noticed less damage to the board as the nails went in smoothly and accurately. All this results in a great job done in less time than it would take using traditional fixing methods.


Another benefit of the IM45 GN is that it is easy to adjust the power setting of the tool depending on the surface material being fixed. The Gwinett Roofing team explained how this helped them when fitting the Hardie products;

Every job is slightly different but I just have to adjust the power setting from the (Hardie) Plank to the VL and it works with both.”

Finally significant time saving benefits were noticed by the team at Gwinett, where they estimated that on a large job hours can be saved by using the IM45 GN tool as an alternative to hand hammering. The tool can also be used with the standard high performing, quick charge Paslode Lithium battery and maintenance time on the tool is minimal.

The IM45 GN tool and nail are readily available from Paslode dealers up and down the country, meaning that you can easily purchase your consumables locally should you run out.

To find out more about the tool, take a look at the IM45 GN product page on the Paslode UK website.