Paslode embraces our responsibility to support local communities, building relationships between our business and the wider community.

Recently our parent company ITW Construction Products held two events in collaboration with United Way – a charity that pairs organisations with community projects. United Way aims to help create, develop and improve education, professional training, and healthcare settings. The ITW team decided to focus on projects that facilitate a better environment for young people.


The team chose to support two primary schools that face varying challenges. The aim was to ensure that the outcome would benefit the children, teachers and parents for years to come. 

For many at St Margaret’s C of E Primary School in Crawley, English is not their first language. Additionally, the school has a high percentage of children dependent on free school meals. Similarly in Glenrothes, Pitteuchar East Primary School faces a it’s own challenges, with 63% of students requiring support for special educational needs.


Our projects focussed on tasks to improve the outside area, conserving, developing, and expanding the schools’ outdoor facilities. Paslode staff from across the country offered their support, as well as contributing their own personal resources toward the projects.

Tasks completed on the day included building outdoor play areas and fencing, as well as renovative painting and yard work. Donations to local food banks were also made, providing families across the community with much needed additional support.


The IM360 tool even made an appearance on the project! Paslode’s premium framing nailer is perfectly designed for a whole range of outdoor woodwork applications, such as fencing and decking. The tool has a perfect power to weight ratio, as well as a lightning-fast charging lithium battery, and is one of the most powerful tools in the Paslode range.


ITW’s partnership with United Way is incredibly valuable, allowing the team a chance to give back in a way that can change lives. It is something that the Paslode team will continue to embrace, with the goal of making a positive effect on many more communities.  

A special thank you to the schools and volunteers for their co-operation and hard work. Also a massive thanks to Mark from M1 Fencing Ltd, who was a driving force on the Crawley project, helping the team erect fences in the school grounds.

Finally, thank you to our customers for their support and loyalty. Without you, these projects would not be possible.  

Go Team Paslode!