The Paslode brand was founded in the USA in 1935 by JW Leslie, an innovator in the packaging industry. The name itself is an acronym for PAcking Shipping LOading Devices. Leslie’s business prided itself in listening to customers, aiding them to develop innovative products that address their everyday challenges. This customer-backed innovation approach is something that Paslode still embraces to this day.

Paslode’s first big breakthrough in the fixing market came in 1959 with the world’s first pneumatic tool – a light-duty upholstery tacker – closely followed in 1962 by the Paslode GN-212, the world’s first pneumatic nailer. The brand continued to develop products in the following years, with more innovations into the market. These included the invention of the PL™ Tape, a revolutionary collation tape used to hold together fasteners, amongst other things.


In 1986, Paslode was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (ITW). Prior to this, Paslode engineers had been working on developing a solution for powering nailing tools without the need to attach a compressor. Ideas revolved around the concept of gas-powered nailing, and in 1983 the first US patent on the Paslode gas-powered gun nailer was issued.


In January 1986 Paslode launched the first ever cordless nailing gun, powered by a miniature linear combustion motor. Unlike the synonymous orange tools of today, the Paslode Impulse 300/75N was black and was designed for use on framing applications, firing 2-3 inch (approx. 50-76mm) nails.

Several modifications were made over the next few years. In 1989 the IM-325 Type 1 came to market, with a larger combustion chamber and redesigned magazine allowing for longer nails to be used in the tool. During the 1990s Paslode continued to grow and develop its offering, and the first cordless finishing nailer was produced in 1992. In 1994 Paslode redefines metal connector installation with the Positive Placement® system, which comes to the market as a pneumatic tool in the first instance.


The 21st century continued much like the last with product innovation at the forefront for Paslode. In 2013 the Paslode Lithium Tools launched, including the improved IM65 and IM65A trim tools, and the NEW IM360Ci & PPN35Ci tools featuring innovative Start & Go® technology.

Paslode continue to develop new and improved solutions for wood-to-wood framing and finishing applications whilst growing the range of specialist tools. The latest PPNXi tool has proven to be a must-have on-site for those tasked with fixing metalwork like joists and bracketry, and the IM45 GN coil nailer provides a perfect solution for a wide range of applications from fixing metal roofing to cladding installation. Both these tools have found their niche by substantially reducing fixing time when compared to hand hammering.

The most recent addition to the legacy comes in the form of the NEW Paslode IM350+. This seventh-generation cordless framing nailer boasts the same power and performance as previous Paslode tools, ensuring that the reputation of power with dependability continues and will do for generations to come.